Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How we like to sleep around

Due to space constraints in the house, the son is still co-sleeping with us in our bed. 

But the husband and I think otherwise because he thinks the bed is his.

Uh right.

When he used to be smaller and not so agile, this was the best sleeping position for all of us:

via offbeat mama
He'll get triple protection from the headboard, myself and lastly, the father. All was fine and dandy till I realised being sandwich in between a growing toddler and a grown man was not so fine after all.

The growing toddler would inevitably sleep into my space during the middle of the night when he change sleeping positions and this boy does a big flip! Often I'll end up with punches and kicks onto my face, eyes, back, stomach and not forgetting the countless checks to ensure he doesn't fall off onto the other side of the bed.

And the grown man? Let's just say he maximise his space fully well to the edge of the bed. There was that one time he said I actually shoved him off it! He had to grabbed onto the blanket from falling off completely. He was really angry when he told me what happened the next day but I had a good laugh though!

Anyway this current position that we have seems good enough for now.

via offbeat mama

Although there is a small gap now between the bed and the wall, and sometimes we would wake up to cries of help when the son turns and accidentally lands himself in the gap, haha!

Any funny stories to share? Co sleeping mummies?


~Summer~ said...

Hihi, yes I do co-sleep with my 2yo girl too, gets so much easier and she keeps me warm and comfy when the winter nights come or when daddy is out sailing. Totally get it on the punches and kicks, sometimes head butt too. Or wake up to see her foot in my face. Still, it's totally worth it. =) She's my most huggable (albeit violent) bolster ever!


life-muse said...

Awww.. I guess that feeling of waking up to a happy toddler smiling at you first thing in the morning is also worth it! ;)

Loved it when my son wakes up happy and chirpy!

Ruth said...

My boy has been sleeping in his own room fr 1+ yr-old. We wanted to train him to be independent and have our own space back :P Even when he slept in our room, he was in his cot next to our bed. We only let him sleep on the bed with us occasionally, and when that happens, the hubby wld usually end up with a bad night as he get stuck in the same position the whole night - he's so afraid to turn about and accidentally crush our boy *lol* But I usually enjoy those moments when the boy sleeps with us and waking up seeing his sweet face first thing in the morning :)

Rachel said...

Haha, the illustrations of the sleeping positions are funny :) My 5 year old often co-sleeps with my hb and I too. and we need to negotiate to get him to spend some nights in his own room...don't know how long it will last though, hb tells me to treasure it while it lasts. Although I will be happier if the boy learns to sleep in his room a little more often.

life-muse said...

Yeah I guess the consensus is to treasure it as much as possible for now! :)