Friday, May 4, 2012

Challenge of the bump and of donations

It's been a while since I've last posted an outfit photo!

Today's outfit:

top: Gmarket, polka dot tank: Cotton On,
jeans: New Future, flats: Gmarket

Now that the belly is getting bigger, finding the right clothes to wear is an everyday challenge. For the first pregnancy, I didn't get any maternity wear as I was adamant that they were all too frumpy looking for me! And they were so much more expensive than regular clothes too!

Well, the only exception that I got was maternity pants. Because if you must know, I'm holding the jeans I'm wearing now with rubber bands and walking around with my pants unzipped because I've given my maternity pants away!

And I'm too cheap to buy new ones now, heh.

If you're looking to give away your old clothes or baby clothes, please let me know! I'll gladly take them and love them with my belly!

Have an awesome weekend!

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