Monday, May 7, 2012

Too old for late night shows but never too old for a date

There's a reason why only teenagers can stay up late, catch late night movies and still find the energy to get up early the next day.

Its called youth. Or as I know it, the harsh reality of getting your bones old.

The husband and I managed to catch The Avengers on Saturday for a 12.30am show. By the time it ended and got home, it was close to 4am. On top of that, we've only a few hours' sleep before we have to pick the son up from the grandparent's place.

We totally do not rock the late night scene anymore.

BUT! It was kinda worth it, because the movie was an impromptu one and it did makes us feel like a dating teenage couple all over again. Perhaps the next time we do have an impromptu movie date again, we just had to choose an earlier timing, heehee.

P.S: The husband said while at the cinema, he caught a young girl checking him out. The girl looked at him, looked at me, noticed my belly then quickly looked away. I told him my belly might serve as a reminder to her not to do anything foolish that night. Because you know, magical things happens at night. Or anytime.


Ruth said...

I know what you mean abt the lack of energy! :P But what a coincidence, we watched Avengers last Sat midnight show too!

Madeline Heng said...

I think it's definitely important to have date-nights/afternoons/mornings with your man! Haha =)

life-muse said...

Yesterday we caught a movie for a 6.45pm show. Reached home at 9 plus and I totally knocked out by 10pm liao! Haiz, sometimes I feel bad for leaving my husband alone to entertain himself. I'm really thankful he has been so understanding!