Thursday, May 17, 2012

He learns his stuff from us

Lately, the son has been mimicking our actions down to a T.

For example, he saw that I was popping my multi-vitamins one morning and proceeded to do the whole cupped-the-pills-into-my-mouth-head-back-and-swallow-water action. And then loudly exclaimed, 'Mama eat medicine!'

Or when he sees the husband walking around the house shirtless, he would also want to follow suit and will asked to take off his shirt too.

And then there was this one time, he saw us reading the newspapers, promptly took one section and did the whole flipping through the papers motion. All the while exclaiming loudly, 'I read newspaper!'

Which is kinda cute but also leads me to be careful with what we do around the house too. Its great that he's trying to copy the good ones, but what about the not so good ones?

Like erm, leaving clothes lying around the floor, swearing, rolling my eyes, tsking, more swearing and also our choice of words.

Its really amazing how fast this kid picks up stuff from us. We may not be consciously aware of it, but any little actions and words used around the house are being watched and absorbed by him.

Case in point. I can't remember what he did, but when he did what he did that was quite funny, I just casually said he was being di siao saio (meaning cheeky) and guess what he said?

'Nooo, Daddy di siao siao!' gave a sheepish grin and ran away.

Truly he's your son, husband!


Anonymous said...

your kid's sooo cute!

life-muse said...

Yes he is very adorable right now at this age, thank you!