Monday, June 4, 2012

Update of the giveaway and pregnancy

Thank you everyone who commented on the giveaway! I've emailed the winners and have mailed out the tickets. Thank you once again for taking part, it means alot to me!


I am now in the midst of my sixth month pregnancy and bulldozing my way into the third trimester. My appetite is back with a vengeance, energy levels are up and thanks to a wonderful pregnancy hormone, my once oily skin is now much better in control.

I wish its like this all the time.

As the belly gets bigger, I find sleeping more and more a chore. Ever since the belly popped out, I've been taken to sleeping in a semi-reclined position. And with every shift in sleeping positions, I have to grunt it out loud to sort of 'help' me to turn. I've also taken so much to sleeping on my left side that I've been waking up to a very sore and painful ear every morning too.

And I've also taken to waddling.

Oh, what will the third trimester do to me?!


Ruth said...

So fast! You're already 6 months into your pregnancy! Hope the rest of the time will be an easy one for you! :)

life-muse said...

Thanks Ruth, I hope so too! Not looking forward to the swollen feet, water retention and the bulbous nose! LOL :)

Madeline Heng said...

I received the tickets with your handwritten note thanks a lot! I'll be watching the movie with my friend who's activelyy trying for a baby so she's very excited about it.

Wah enjoy the last lap! Hope the weather gets cooler if not jialat already! Haha

life-muse said...

I hope your friend enjoys the show! You can also give her tips ;p

Regarding the weather: These few nights are really really hot! And my body temperature has been rising due to the baby, I'm literally on heat lor! So no choice but had to switch on the air con.

Anonymous said...

hey dear! I think we're due around the same time? I'm now 27 weeks, and I'm definitely grunting when moving in bed, and waddling, because this baby seems to be sitting very "low", as opposed to my 2 boys who seemed to stretch me at the top rather than push down to the bottom... :S

Just the other day my 4YO asked me how come I need to turn to the side to get up from a reclining position! LOL

life-muse said...

Hi Mummyed,

thanks for dropping by! :)

I'm due in early Sept, edd is 8 Sept. You?

Finally we can relate to each other's predicament! Haha.. my husband keep making fun of me whenver I have to keep grunting "_"

My first one was also low but not as bad as this current one. IT seems like this second one is alot more lower and bigger than his elder brother too!

Your 3rd one is a girl right?