Friday, June 22, 2012

Sometimes, enjoying something is how you want to make out of it

I really like how my Fridays comes around. Its that last work day when it seems everything just winds down in preparation for the weekend. 

Anticipation of something good. 

come back to us baby!

the reason they love each other; she loves him for his cheekiness
and he loves her because she gives him chocolate and Yakult

enjoying his chocolate!

Sometimes we have no agenda and we'll just chill at home, other times we would fill it with activities and everyone will have a good time!

But the thing I most look forward to on a weekend morning is having breakfast together with the family. I love it when we all just hopped onto the car and drive to nearby places for our favourite breakfast or either that, we'll be adventurous and ventured out somewhere further to try out new stuff.

It's my comfort routine where we all just hang out, walked around the neighbourhood and then head back home for a nap.


Happy weekend!

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June said...

LOL Great minds think alike. Glad you had a chillout weekend too!