Friday, May 10, 2013

Linky party

Finally Friday is here! So looking forward to the end of the day where I can pick the kids up and to enjoy the weekend together!

And just thought to join in the fun with the fellow SMB and The Accidental Mom Blogger to look see what's  in my bag.

From top.
Bag, erm self explanatory.

Left to right:
Recycle bag which I conveniently 'kope' from the sister's stash. Comes in handy when I need to buy a few things from the supermarket and doesn't warrant a plastic bag. Plus, it really makes me feel I'm doing my part in saving the earth.

Umbrella. A gift from the sister.

Little red pouch. For my headphones.

Staff pass.

Keys. To let myself into my mother's house!

Floral pouch for my womanly needs.

Coach wristlet. A birthday gift from the sister 2 years back.

Bonia coin purse.

Spectacle case. To vain to wear them but too wussy to try contacts.

Ez link card case.

Touch up pouch. All the essentials like oil blotters, lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss, toothpicks, mirror and hair clip.

Chocolate bar. For hungry times and as a bribe to the son. Note to self: MUST always remember to clear any food stuff in the bag! I once found a trail of ants leading to this bag and thats when I found a mouldy pack of raisins in it. Super gross.

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Adeline Oon said...

The first chocolate bar I've seen amongst the rest of those who took part in the linky! :D Nice! make sure its' not melted.... Thanks for linking up!

life-muse said...

Hi Adeline,
thank you for dropping by! I won't give it any chance to melt! It will melt in my stomach liao! haha!

mandy said...

Stop koping my stuff!