Wednesday, June 26, 2013


These past week has been rather bland. With my mum sick, the kids sick and the haze, we were cooped up at home, almost self quarantined, and it almost drove me crazy.

For a girl who likes her windows wide open, I had to endure closed windows and doors when the haze PSI level went up to almost 400. It was hot. It was stuffy. It was insane.

And so, the fan and air con had to work extra hard to cool us down. I am bracing myself for the electricity bill when it comes. 

I got sick too, just yesterday. My body felt hot internally but I was feeling cold on my fingers and toes. And to top it off, my pms has been riding quite high and I'm not quite feeling the rainbows. 

I feel really down.

Nevertheless, I am going to chin up and be thankful for:

The husband. 

this was one of the clear days when we venture out to get dinner OUTSIDE.
he knew that I was feeling restless after cooping up at home,
so he decided to be brave and asked if I wanted to go check out JEM.
he super dislikes crowds, so this was his way of loving me.
and the son is doing his 'Thomas' face. this is how 3 year old rolls yo.

Happy kids.

all masked up to beat the haze!

this photo shall remind me that brothers in diapers
are brothers in cahoots.

he always gets excited when he sees his father on the laptop.
so we generously gave him one.
a spoilt one for him to bang away.

 And being vain.

keep calm and put on lipgloss.
loving this shade from Mary Kay!
get yours here!
be pretty and get to do some charity at the same time!

And for all good things to come!

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~Summer~ said...

Haha love that rolling eyes pic. I am so not going to like the electricity bill this month too! Tsk tsk.

life-muse said...

I'll most probably will roll my eyes at the bills haha.

Susan said...

Yes that Thomas roll eyes look is so funny!!!

life-muse said...

LOL Susan, it is quite funny when he does that!