Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Do you like to move it move it?

Ever since we've sold our house last year, we've been renting from one place to another. Along with the packing and unpacking nightmare, there's also the arduous task of moving bulky items like our king size bed and huge ass L-shaped sofa.

We've thought of throwing it away or secretly leaving it at some corner but in the end we did what any responsible citizens do, and that is call our town council to remove it hahaha.

Anyway if you're planning for a big move and looking for a place to sell or give away your items, or if you're moving to a new place and on the lookout for used, vintage furniture, you can try website to either list your furniture for sale or grab a good bargain from there.

They have many different categories like movers, furniture stores, pre owned and my personal favourite, Things my Mother Throw section.

It reminds me of how my mother would used to just throw stuff away when we're moving and oh wait, this applies to me too now.


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