Thursday, July 2, 2015

Morning pint

I developed this habit of mine since I was a kid when my mother would instil in us the virtues of drinking water first thing in the morning. And since then, I've been gulping down a pint every morning the moment I wake up and even right before using the toilet.

1 pint is approximately
568 ml (UK) or 473 ml (US)

And now, I make it a point to drink 1 pint in the morning, another 700ml (which is my water bottle's capacity) at work and down another pint when I get home in the evenings.

All in, I guess I hit the recommended 2L of water everyday including my coffee and/or tea? With so much water going on in my system, it does makes me visit the toilet often, my skin does feels fresher (but also with SKII's help, heh) and I don't really get too lethargic at work too.

So drink up! Especially with our humid weather and especially with our humid weather.

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