Friday, July 31, 2015


I started reading really late during my primary school days. Like literally picked up on actual reading when I was in primary school, around 9 years old. I know many parents would have baulked at the notion of their children reading at such a late age, but back then I was looked after by nannies who wouldn't have known how to read themselves either. And get this, I couldn't speak a single word of English too.

And back then, when you were in Primary 1, the school would assigned a buddy, usually the P5 or P6 students to guide the P1s for a week. I obviously couldn't read nor speak English, yet the irony of it was that an Indian girl was assigned to be my buddy. I know, I know.


The biggest surprise was that she could actually speak Mandarin! Yes!

Anyway, now all I could recall was that the English teacher just told me to improve on my English and I really did! Two years later. I remembered going to the library, picked up a random book and started reading there and then. And that random book was ahem, Sweet Valley Twins. Hey no judgement okay! I was young and the cover showed two very pretty Ang Moh girls.

From then on, there was no stopping me and I read with a ferocious appetite and everywhere, and I really meant everywhere I went, there's always a book in hands. However, it slowly tapered off when I started working but I still read, occasionally though and magazines count too right? Right.

And I be very honest here. I actually stopped reading when the kids came along. Oh the horrors! Yeah yeah, I know that it's important to read to the kids and all, it's just that with so much going on with children, there's only so much time you can spare with a book right? And even so, sleep always wins. Always.


I recently picked up reading again. After many many years of not reading and watching too much Korean variety shows for my own good.

Two of the books I picked up was actually an adult romance novel, albeit still slightly soft core than the usual actual adult romance novels. If you know what I mean. So as an afterthought, I thought I better picked some intelligent books (like the John Irving and Kazuo Ishiguro books), in case you know, people do judge you by the cover. Tsk Tsk.

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