Sunday, November 16, 2008

random notes to self

as seen on simplysoles
well, a girl can't have too many shoes!! (make that flats,ha!)
*note to self: must make a trip to schu very soon!

ooohh.. and my sister is officially married! will post some photos soon, but right now, i just want to dream of the many other pairs of shoes that i wanna own...

and i was in holland v today and past by song & song. in case you don't know whats song & song is, its the best retail therapy at dirt cheap prices!

there're like factory outlet but much, much cheaper. a t-shirt is like 2 bucks, tops and skirts are like $5-$8 bucks, dirt cheap!!

there's always a but!

you'll have to really browse around, try it on and hunt for that worthy piece.

at the end, its all worth it, ha!!

on more random notes, i'm learing to experiment with make-up more. actually i think those activist who are anti-makeup have never put on makeup before.

true, makeup has alot of whatever processed chemicals, but if it helps you look good, why not?
ever wonder why the activist are usually dowdy people?
hear, hear..

personally, i believe makeup is to enhanced our features.
with a little foundation,
a dab of eyeshadow, a blush of rouge and that little tinge of glossy lips,
it can really make you look better!

and to quote from a famous makeup artist,
" if they notice your makeup, your makeup is shabby. if however they notice you, your makeup is impeccable."

more randomnessssss..

my husband's birthday is fast approaching, and i wonder what can i do to surprise him?
he's very alert to any changes in my moods and emotions, so i'll have to keep a tight lid on whatever surprises i might have.

but right now, i have none..

oh man, oh man...

my parents are on their own since both of us are married.
i'm missing them now and my husband is asleep on the sofa again!!
not that i keep him out, but he just fell asleep watching tv..
he's so adorable in times like this, ha!

i just want to post on the shoes, but really too random, indeed a woman's mind is like spaghetti.

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