Saturday, November 1, 2008

johnny's birthday surprise!

yesterday we went to turf city's ah yat seafood restaurant!
to celebrate johnny's birthday, joy(his gf) had us all to be there to surprise him.

and to throw in a good dose of surprise, we went to the extent of hiding under the table just to burst out and sing a happy birthday song to johnny! haha!

it was really hilarious as the other patrons kept laughing at us and we were all cramped underneath the table. think gerry really had to strain his back as he was the tallest and biggest among us, hoot!

we ordered many, many sea creatures for our dinner! it was worth it as ah yat's seafood prices are only half price during weekdays!! and the food is really yummy and fresh.
really, really fresh.

we had giant oysters, clams, fish, crabs, duck, abalone mushrooms, fresh prawns, drunken prawns...
and everything was like enormous!!

before the surprise started, whilst waiting for j&j to arrive, it seems like no one wants to listen to sean, ha!

yimei is not listening

neither is gerry

hmm, i think i listen to shijie better, lol!
(its all my imagination only! sean, we do listen to you ah!)

and then the hiding starts...

happy hidout

still not here..

ooh.. here they come!!

and....... surprise!!!

his shocked and 'are these really my friends?' expression and happy smile!!

so after all the bursting and singing, off we go to picked our dinner!
so, so hungry man!

at the unqiue seafood market

our clams...
and ladies & gentlemen, i present to you...
qx weird creatures
yet very tasty for our dinner plates

we have:

kermit made an apperance too,
but we let him go.. for now, ha!

eels aka yewwwwwww

they don't bite, seriously..

meet lobercrab!!

a mutant of lobster and crab, he is your neighbourhood best choice for dinner, haha!

and these must be a confused fish.
it swims on its side but the eyes and mouth are all at the top of its side!

the giant lobster, grandfather to lobercrab..

and now, i present to you our sumptious dinner!!








this looks like start of dinner, but actually we're all very filled and satisfied, ;p

oh! i must recommend my favourite dish of the day!!
its this fried minced duck with beans wrapped with lettuce thats so very delicious!!
the lettuce is so fresh and crispy and paired with the savoury minced duck, the taste is just so heavenly!! i had many helpings of it, lol!!

the dinner was really worth it!
and so the day being halloween, we head off to dempsey after our dinner to get in to the spirit of halloween too..

we went to ben's & jerry's wanting to chill, but an awful band was playing there, haha!!
so we walked a little further before we went to a wine place to sit and enjoy......
to enjoy the aircon!! hahahahaha...

well, we did order a bottle of wine to go with the aircon, ha!
it was really fun just to sit and have dinner with friends.
to laugh, joke and tease along with everyone..

i hope johnny will enjoy his today too!!
(today is his actual birthday)

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