Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dreams are not my reality

Pregnancy dreams are a whole new level altogether. The dreams become more colourful, more vivid, more intense and more scary.

I've been dreaming alot more for this second pregnancy. Some are funny, some are just plain weird and some are just down right freaky.

These are some dreams that I can remember.

Dream 1:
Set in the dynasty period, I am but a lowly palace maid. The Emperor is the husband and is being pressured by his mother, the Dowager to get married. So she got one thousand ladies dressed in the traditional bridal dress with veils covering their faces, made the Emperor to choose his bride. However he only has eyes for me and in the midst of it all, found time to hold my hand, looked into my eyes and told me he has already chosen me. Abrupt end of dream.

Woke up and relate this dream excitedly to the husband and all he could do was *rolls eyes*.

Dream 2:
This was a bad dream. Dreamt I went shopping with a friend at Ion. We were on the top floor when I had stomach pains. Went to the washroom and found blood on my underpants. First thought was my period had come. Told my friend and she exclaimed, 'But you're pregnant!' She then carried me down all the way down to an ambulance and brought me to the hospital. Turns out I had a miscarriage.

Woke up the next morning very worried and sad. Kept poking my boobs to make sure they're still sore and tender. Thankfully I had a gynae appointment the next day and the bun is still in the oven.

P.S: Right now, my gynae is still not able to tell the baby's gender. Had a very strong hunch at the beginning of the pregnancy that it may be a girl. But right now, I have a feeling it might be a sneak attack and we might have another boy. Thats what the brother did anyway, sneaky fellow.


Ruth said...

I don't remember dreaming much when I was pregnant. Was so tired most of the time that I slept real soundly. So are you hoping for a girl? :)

life-muse said...

I sleep soundly too but my dreams are vivdly real though! Wasn't like this for the first pregnancy. But the memory loss is now twice as bad! HAHA.. I would like a girl, but doubt I would know how to raise one heehee.. too used to boys now ;p

June said...

I know what you mean. Boy was I a dreamer, so vivid and like in full colour. :P Rest well, and try to get your mind off things, perhaps? Let me know if it works :)

life-muse said...

Yeah thanks June. I'll ignore the bad dreams and always try to remember the funny ones so I can share with the husband! LOL