Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekends really should be 3 days long

If it's really so, then we'll be a much more productive and happy country with lots of babies. 

And of course to explore more new places and parks!

Brought the son and husband to Jurong Bird Park yesterday and had an enjoyable time walking around at a leisurely pace.  


noisy macaws


smaller penguins


a thousand arm banana plant

But mainly, it was for this! The new waterplay area called Birdz of Play! It has two sections, one dry play area and a wet play area. No points for guessing where the son wants to play! When he saw the waterplay area, he immediately took off his pants and wanted to jump straight in! Had to restrain him to change him into his swim wear first though. 

Birdz of Play

the husband gamely went along the slides with him

down the slide

doing the V sign but too distracted to look into the camera

waiting for the big splash


one very happy boy

And happy parents to see him so happy playing and running and splashing around!

P.S: Does your kid do roll call every morning or during night time? The son has either been doing roll call for the family or Thomas the tank engine family. Yesterday morning was, "Yiyi, take train". And the night before was saying goodnight to the tank engine family. "Thomas sleep", "Emily sleep", "Gordon sleep" and "Percy sleep". Uh normal?


Ruth said...

My hubby often says how a work week should 4 instead of 5 working days! ;) haven't been to Bird Park in ages! We talked about going for a long time but never got down to it :P The playground looks fun but seems more suited to older kids?

life-muse said...

Hi Ruth! The playground is really fun! There are other areas for the younger kids too but the action are where all the big kids are, like the splash zone and slides haha! So if you want Kenan to try, be prepared to get wet along with him. Overall, I find that the size of it is just nice for the kids of all ages, hmm adults included, heh ;p