Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One good cook and the other is in the making

I often gushed and talked about the son here and I realised I seldom talked about the husband. I think its just a subconscious thing though because the son is cuter and I get alot more hits whenever I post his photos, heh.

And as I was scrolling through my phone to see if I've any pictures of him to post, and guess what? Out of  748 pictures, I can safely say 700 alone is the son's photos, the rest are either videos of him or random stuff like photos of the son's poop (for monitoring) or food. There's hardly any photos of the two of us, alone.

Anyway, I'm not about to gush over the husband now either. Just a thought that came across my mind when I'm thinking very hard on what to write about.

Okay, if there's something that I do want to gush about, it would be that he's a great cook! He has been cooking alot of my meals these few days and I must say he's been very accommodating towards my requests! I would asked for ABC soup, steam brocoli, Pork ribs with lotus soup, Bolognise(?) spaghetti, chicken macaroni, pork porridge and he would cook them all!

And best of all, he knows how to make pizzas and bread too! Maybe the bread needs more work but then again, he's so much better at cooking than I ever can achieved. True story.

Point being?

He can cook. I cannot.

P.S: The son's favourite playing activity is 'cooking'. And he uses real life pots, pans, spatula, kettle, bowls to play with. It's partly my fault because I once gave him a spoiled kettle to play with and he has never looked back since.

P.P.S: The husband would like me to add on that he is a very good homebrewer. He brews beer and is very modest about his wonderful concoction. If any of you would like to know more about beer or homebrewing, he has a blog on it too. Go check it out!


Madeline said...

You're very blessed to have a hubby that can cook! Haha :)

life-muse said...

Yes very blessed! He also wants me to state here that he is also a very good beer brewer! LOL

June said...

Yes you are blessed! I used to think that I would marry a good cook as my dad was the one who wore the apron in the house! But I was wrong... :p

life-muse said...

June: LOL... Its ok so long he is handy in other areas like washing up? Hehe and fixing broken stuff is also highly recommended in my opinion ;p