Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ooh, the way you make me feel

The first time when I got pregnant with the son, everything felt so new and amazing. Each day was spent surfing through online resources on what baby is doing, how big is baby and the many developments that baby is going through.

With the second kid, its more of a refresher course, on the diet part.

Baby is now 14 weeks? Hmm ok. Can't eat seafood or shellfish? But its cooked! And a few bites won't hurt. No caffeine? A cup a day drives the blues away. Bubble tea? Give me those pearls! Potato chips? The saltier the better. And McDonalds? Awesome!

But I'll be honest here. I'm not one who takes my mutli vitamins regularly. I see those big pink pills and I run for my life. They looked like they're about to gobble me up instead. So I try my darnedest best to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drinks loads of water and soak up rays of sunshine for my daily dose of happiness. For me and the kid that's in me, literally. No pun intended.

And the above diet that I just talked about? Ha, those are just the occasional cravings that I caved in to, uh sometimes.

Anyway this pregnancy has been smooth sailing and I'm fortunate to have not much symptoms other than the nauseas which only comes in the evening, frequent peeing, tiredness, light motion sickness and some slight aversions to certain smells like strong perfumes and floral scents.

P.S: I'm seriously hoping its a girl this time because of all these symptoms that I'm going through. As 'they' always says, the more nauseating you get, the higher chances of getting a girl is much higher. Such irony when we share the same hormones.

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