Monday, March 4, 2013

A toddler, an infant and a stroller

I brought my two kids out yesterday and survived. ALONE.

Well not entirely alone as my mum went out together with us but she parted ways later on, which left me alone. And technically not truly alone as I was on my way to meet my sister-in-law, so if you really want to get technical with the term ALONE, then you've not really been a mother of two or three or a mother at all.

Because at any point when its just you and the kids, you're ALONE. Especially if you have to use the public transport, use the public walkways, the elevators, the escalators, the restroom, the staircase, the number of obstacles you have to cross to get from point A to point B to point C, you get the drift, it's simply a logistic nightmare. And coupled with a big ass stroller, the diaper bag and the son's bag pack, I looked like I'm ready for battle anytime soon.

This little boy deserves a shout out. He was tired out from
all the excitement and so when it was time to alight at our stop, I had to woke him up
and yet he gamely walked all the way home to boot too. For a treat, we
had Macs and also partly I was too tired to think about dinner.

And this little guy? He was happy to be out and about and
missed all his nap times, only cat napping here and there.
He promptly zonked out at 8pm when we've reached home.

In any case, people have been quite kind to us in giving way to us or maybe they're just avoiding us altogether, haha.

Will I do it again? For sure! Because we mothers are always up for a challenge.


Ruth said...

Was it the first time you were out alone with the 2 kids? Sometimes, just bringing my son out by myself feels like such a challenge, I can't imagine having to deal with two :P So we can go Halia for high tea? ;)

life-muse said...

Yeah it was my first attempt in bringing them out! And just the preparation from getting them dressed, to their milk feeds, double checking all their stuff is in the bag is enough to tired me out. Yes to high tea, but only if I'm not working cos my work place is near by, hehe.