Friday, March 8, 2013

What to wear: 1 Weekend, 3 ways to wear the Vintage Floral Print Zipped skirt

3 ways to wear the Vintage floral zipped skirt
via Polyvore

Polyvore is my dream closet. Any time I want to get inspirations on what to wear, how to wear, its my go-to website. I feel so awed seeing so many other people mixing and matching all those wonderful clothes in so many combinations that its mind boggling. Other people get their minds boggled by rocket science, I get mine boggled by clothes.

So anyway, if you have a floral skirt and am not sure what to pair it with other than the basics, this was what I came up with. Above.

Look 1: A lace cropped top and ribbon bow sandals. I like the interesting contrast of the patterns and texture. This is a casual look but if you like to dress it up a bit, you can swap the sandals with a pair of heels and throw a blazer over it. 

Look 2: Polka dot sweater and lace loafers. I like polka dots. I like florals. I like lace. So I pair all three together, ha! But to avoid looking too messy, I tamed it down by matching the loafers and sweater in the same colour tone. This way, it still looks put together, but with all my favourite elements in it.

Look 3: Plaid button down shirt and high top Chucks. Well, I wasn't sure if this will work but somehow, when I play around with the options of tucking it out, it just clicked. I guess plaid also goes well with Chucks. 

And since its the Spring season, bring your florals and colours out for some fun! Experiment with it and tell me what other combination you have come up with too!

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