Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Double fun but time is sometimes halved

It was quite abrupt but the change was noticeable. I came home from work and was just chatting with the son on how his day had been when I noticed he had grown a little taller. And not just that, his face had changed too, changed into a more grown-up-boy kind of look? If there's such a term.

While he previously could not make the number three with his fingers, somehow, he got it all figured out when he told me Henry (one of the trains from Thomas and Friends) is number three. I was surprised and thought whoa, who taught him how to finally made his fingers to show the number three? Impressive.

And just like that, the son has grown up by a little more. And I lament.

As it is, I'm away from my kids for most of the day, and usually when I reached home, it would be dinner time, followed by a shower for them and myself, and all too soon it will be time for milk and sleep. That little awake time to talk and play with them seems so little. And add to the fact that I had to divide whatever precious time between the two kids and with so much distractions going on, it is always either one of the kids that I can fully give my attention to.

Which leads me to reflect. 

If I am truly going to shower them with my utmost attention, then I'll have to try and minimise all distractions. I'll try to switched off the television, put my phone away and purely just focus my all on the kids. To truly listen to the son talk about his day, what he learnt in school, what he played with his friends, to enjoy his cheekiness, to laugh at his silliness and play with him.

With the kid? To celebrate his every development milestone, to make funny faces to make him laugh, to smell his sweetness, to marvel at his growth, to be patient with him and to kiss and hold him so very tightly.


Madeline Heng said...

Totally in the same boat! It's really not easy juggling everything. Jiayou =)

life-muse said...

Let's Jia you together! :)