Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hook, line and no more sinker

The son has been waking up WAY too early in the mornings like around 6am and this is usually the time I wake up to get ready for work. Usually I'll try to make him to go back to sleep by offering him a bottle of milk. He'll will usually take the bait, drink the milk and go off to sleep. But usually does not cut it anymore.

What he does now is, take the milk, drink it and hand back the bottle back to me in a flourish as if to say,"Ta-dah! I've finished the milk and I am not going back to sleep Mama! This milk baiting is not working anymore! So there lady!"

So I'll offer the next best thing. Water in a bottle. Doesn't cut it anymore too.

You know the battle is over when he starts to talk and sing and gets more and more excited and starts to get louder and louder.

So I ask him one last time, "Darling, don't you want to go back to sleep? Everyone is sleeping and you should too. Its too early for you to wake up."

He stopped, looked at me and said, "I want to *pang sai."

Son: 1 Sleep: 0

*pang sai=poop in local dialect terms

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