Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sorry. easy to spell, difficult to say.

I yelled at MY mother the other day. The woman who raised me up, sacrificed her body for me, the woman who worked late hours just so we are fed and clothed. The exact same things I'm doing for my sons now.

I went over to her place few days back and as usual when it came to feeding the kid, it was all screams and tears. So I took the kid to the bedroom and tried feeding him again. All was fine till he decided to start crying and screaming. And I continued to feed regardless of all the tears, screams and perspiration from him. I think he lasted for a good ten minutes before my mum came into the room and took him away.

"If he doesn't want to drink, then don't force him! He will be scared one and will get traumatized you know?!" she said.

I was also angry and had been quite down for a while precisely because of this problem and so I yelled back at her.

"You are also not feeding him proper meals, and now he's not drinking milk, how is he going to grow!" I yelled. Ok I screamed back.

Wow, yelling and accusations, well done girl.

And this coming from someone who understood what it was like to look after two active kids for the whole day.

My mum might not be the best cook, best teacher, best anything, but she is doing me a favour now by looking after my two kids.

And so, after I 'complained' to the husband, he said the most wisest thing ever, "I think you better apologized to her."

And it truly reflected upon me, that this is the time to walk the talk. To man up and shoved all ego away. To truly put into lesson what I've always teach the son.

To say sorry when you're in the wrong.

And so, I did. Sort of. I text her.

"Sorry for being rude to you last night."

Be it parent, child, husband, wife or whoever, saying sorry really seems to be the hardest word, whether you're three or thirty years old.

More often than not, it is the hardest when they're the closest to your heart.


Ruth said...

I find it hard to say sorry too, especially to our love ones. Like you, I also resorted to messaging :P

By the way, was it your older boy who is not eating well? Mine refuses to feed himself and I'm really frustrated. He has no problem feeding himself in school so why can't he do the same at home? I just hope the phase our boys are in will pass soon!

life-muse said...

My older boy has no problem eating, only problem is stopping LOL.. its my younger one that's not really eating properly. He only takes a few mouthfuls and will stopped, not interested anymore. So far, he likes fruits the most, but they're not helping him to put on weight although there's vitamins and minerals lar.. hai! So fustrating!