Monday, April 29, 2013

The boy and his long hair

For a long while, the son has been obsessed with the cartoon Tangled, a sort of a re-telling of the classic story Rapunzel whereby the girl has very very long hair who's trapped in a tall tower by her evil stepmother.

I don't exactly remember when we let him watched it but after the first time, it was what he wanted to watch EVERYTIME. He calls it the 'Princess' show.

Whenever we asked him what movie he would like to watch or when we suggest watching a movie to distract him, he will always go, "I want to watch Princess!"

"Sorry, Princess is not free right now darling, why don't we watch another show?" would be my reply. But then the son would go, "Huh? Princess go where Mama?" And then I would go, "Hey look! Its *pa poi! Let's watch pa poi shall we?" Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. Only Princess can save the day.

His obsession lies entirely in the hair. He would often re-enact some scenes in the cartoon and uses props like his blanket, towel and even my shawl to pretend that it is his long hair. So much so the husband has banned him from watching the cartoon anymore. I think he secretly deleted it from his hard drive.

Am I worried, am I concerned?

Well yes and no actually.

I think it is a phase he is going through although it has been going on a tad longer than it should be and partly also the fact that he had watched it repeatedly before. Although at times in the moment of play, he would address himself as the Princess and I would have to correct him that because he is a boy, he should be a Prince instead. But he would go, "But Mama, girls have long hair, boys no long hair!" Ah well, girls have more fun with their hair ain't it.

He does have his share of boys toys like cement trucks, aeroplanes, racing cars and his precious Thomas and Friends train engines. He enjoys a good shout now and then, enjoys a good jump and enjoys running very much.

Well, who knows maybe after all he might become a very talented hair stylist in the future.

*pa poi: those funny sounds the minions made in the cartoon, Despicable Me.


Susan said...

Well I have a daughter who loves Thomas and even wants a Thomas birthday party. I think it's due to peer pressure as there are more boys in her class. But there's no major concerns as I try not to allow stereotypes at such a young age. In fact, I've even bought her a few thomas trains and brought her to catch the Thomas movie.

life-muse said...

Hi susan, thank you for dropping by! Yeah I agree with you on the stereotyping and trying not to make a big deal ouf of it! And I think its cool that Sophie likes Thomas! She and my son will play well together, ha!