Monday, June 10, 2013


I'm really a noob when it comes to cooking, baking or anything related to making raw food taste good. Just ask my husband.

I only started making food proper was when I had to feed a weaning baby and even then, it was mostly puree or mashed up stuff. Porridge, I had to consult my mother-in-law over the phone and asked her how long more do I have to stir that gooey mush. And noticed I said making food, not cooking, because cooking to me involves alot more untesils and ingredients than a pot and wooden spoon and rice.

So can I just be proud for all of 5 minutes and present to you my awesome dish?

Over the weekend, I made this. Oh yes, I actually did.

Steam Salmon and Brocoli!
All I did was sprinkle some sea salt on it and steam for 10-15 mins.
It tastes really good!
Or either that,the expensive French sea salt really does wonders.

He asked what did the fish die die.
So I told him the fish had to die die so we can eat it.
1 meal, 1 life lesson.

I knew I wanted to get some brocoli for the boys and myself but I had no idea what to paired it with. So I spontaneously grabbed some salmon and then, what?

I'm deathly afraid of frying fish and I have an oven with a broken hinge. So I did what I knew best, when in doubt, steam it. But even then I had to google for 'How to steam fish', 'How long to steam salmon' and 'Can brocoli and salmon be steam together?'

Thank goodness for the gazillion pages of like minded people whom have no idea how to steam a fish. And for those who do, you rock.

Served with pasta or mashed potatoes, it is a healthy dish that meets all your dietary requirements. And with this new found confidence in cooking, I'm going to try out more new recipes for the boys and myself!

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If you have any other fuss free recipes that doesn't require much preparation or washing up, please share! My boys and my stomach will thank you for it! 


Susan said...

Just like you, I picked up cooking having my girl. My meals are really simple ones but thanks to Mr Google, I'm more adventurous now. One website that is my go to is noobcook. com. Here's to more healthy meals for our family.

life-muse said...

Prior to cooking this, I almost had to consult Youtube to watch the video too! I'm very bad at following written instructions, really bad. So when I found this recipe for salmon, I was so happy because its so fool proof haha!