Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy together

I came across this blog post and one of the points really struck me.

Point 6. Respect money.

Its not the type of respect till you placed it on a pedestal and worshipped it, but its the most basic kind of respect; managing it wisely.

And I also love how he wrote about when his wife couldn't decide on what to buy while shopping in a Marc Jacobs store in LA, he simply told her he'll buy everything that she has chosen. WOAH.

Its not a moment of madness, but like what he said, its about living in that moment and letting loose. And when that moment comes, you'll learn to appreciate these material things even more.

I couldn't agree more.

Once on a honeymoon trip in London, my husband also had that moment and told me to get a branded bag that I liked. Guess what? I didn't.

Because it was alot of money, at least to me, and I thought that I was helping him to save money. Turns out, he was having that moment when he wanted to let loose and get me whatever I want.

And he has never failed to rub it in my face ever since.

And I've learnt my lesson because now when he says he'll buy things for me, I'll gladly accept without hesitation!

We're not struggling as much as before, nor are we well off. Right now, we're just within our limits and able to provide for the kids and to me, that is of utmost importance. We're well fed, well clothed and well, there's a roof over our heads, and I'm really really thankful for these provision to pay for our basic needs.

But when it comes to a time of letting loose, be it on a well deserved holiday, handbag, shoes, clothes, car, house, whatever, don't hold back. Heck, it doesn't even have to be expensive too. If you're really wanting that bubble tea? Go for it! Cupcakes? Go for it! Cakes? Go for it! Online sale? Go for it!

Because once that moment is gone, its gone.

That moment is for making someone else happy. And when they're happy, you're happy.

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