Friday, November 8, 2013


You know what? October just steam rolled by and right now its already November! This sudden realisation that its year end came to me when I was bringing the boys for a grocery run just the other day.

Benjamin was pointing out to me the red poinsettia balls hanging on the mall's ceiling while asking me why are they doing there.

Being the informative mother that I am, I replied that Christmas is coming soon and that's why they're hanging Christmas decora.... OMG CHRISTMAS IS COMING! ... tions on the ceiling.

Yeah, that sort of revelation.


October was sure a fun month. We had a mini family trip to Cambodia, celebrated my 31st and ended with both boys catching hfmd. Just fun.

Right now, as I'm furiously just penning whatever thoughts that are coming, I've been at home with them the past week just looking after them. Whenever I see those damn blisters, I get so angry. Yet, I'm also counting my blessings. Because I know that they are getting well now and it could have been alot worse.

And for the past two days, both boys have been sleeping really early like before 8pm. Which I think I can get used to the early mornings and drowsy afternoons. Its a good trade off. Them missing the afternoon nap to go to bed early. Yup, its good..

Anyway, this post is almost unedited, just free flow of words bursting out.

And I just remembered that I've yet to draft that approval email to apply for no pay leave. Its never too early to panic right? Right.

So here's to you November. Be kind, be good, be not too fast to December. I'm not ready yet.

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