Friday, November 15, 2013

This is how I roll

I actually took time off away from the boys to enjoy after work time for myself. The husband is on a business trip, the boys are at their grandma's house, and after spending so much time with them last week, I decide to just use this week to do my own stuff.

Stuff like having my hair cut and washed. Having dinner alone. Having donuts without sharing. Taking a long walk home.

And lastly, I received a lovely surprise gift from my dear sister.

Clementi Ave 2 Nasi Lemak.
Awesome chicken wings and even hotter chilli.

Walking home before the downpour.

Not my birthday but it sure feels good to receive gifts.

After cupcakes, donuts are my next favourites.

It's such a refreshing change from the norm of either meeting the husband after work (when he's back in SG) or heading to my mum's to be with the boys.

Don't get me wrong. I love love love to be with them, but sometimes you just have to break away from the routine to get yourself back together again. 

Because being a wife and mother for a while, things can get hectic you know. So, I find that taking time away from these two identities and just being a woman, being by myself, being me, brings much needed joy and I find solace in it. And that's when I feel that I can go back to being a better wife and mother to my family. 

And so today I'll go back to being wife (husband is coming back!) and Mama where I'll go pick up my boys and we'll enjoy our weekend.

Have a good one!

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