Monday, December 15, 2014

If you have one and you know it, put your hands up

I never knew eating was a torture till Jeb came along. No scratch that, he brings a whole new level to torture eating.

To him, eating is simply not in his vocab. This guy lives on nothing but air and maybe sometimes, just sometimes, actual real food. And only when he wants to, which is..... rarely?

I've tried many tricks and bribery to get him to eat. Because he really likes fruits, I've resorted to feeding him a spoonful of rice followed by a bite of fruit. This usually works on the good days. And the bad days? I've resorted to using gummies to get him to open his mouth just so I can spoon food in. And on seriously bad days? I'm ashamed to say that I've resorted to flicking and even slapping his mouth in the hopes that I'll scare him to quickly swallowed his food.

I did scared him alright. Just maybe not in swallowing though.

The thing is this and I'm sure most mothers would feel this way is this. It's really not about them not eating per se. It is really more about getting those nutritrients into their growing bodies that makes this feeding all the more exasperating. Put your hands up if you're with me.

Because as an Asian parent, a chubby toddler is a sign of eating and growing well. Not some gangly two year old who runs away at the sight of food. But you know what?

I am trying to Let.It.Go.

Keyword. Trying.

I guess its because I really do not want to stress the both of us out and also, I could tell he is growing in terms of height and just a little bit of weight. But the thing is this. I try not to worry so much any more.

I still try my best to provide nutritious and delicious food, maybe not so much in the delicious part, but whatever chance I've got to shove that piece of salmon or chicken or avocado in his golden mouth, mother here will do all she can to do it.

And recently, a friend of mine told me about this funny book 'You have to F@cking Eat' by Adam Mansbach that talks about his experience with feeding his picky daughter. But the highlight was a recording done by a British actor Stephen Fry that up the book notch.

Take a listen and together, let's put our hands up!

Oh, it is a little vulgar and crude. So if you're the prudish type, consider yourself warned!

The occasional indulgence for them, junk snacks and ribena!

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