Monday, December 22, 2014

The Help

I once watched a film called Paris, je t'aime in 2006 which consists of several short stories all somewhat interlinked to one another. But a particularly short story that really got me which I am able to recall till this day (which in itself is also particularly somewhat incredible given my goldfish memory) was that of a young mother and her child.

In the opening shot, she was cradling her child getting them ready to head out. And the next scene was that she was handing her child to a minder and when her child cried, she turned back and was seen patting her child to sleep while humming a lullaby.

When she made sure her child has fallen asleep, she thank the minders and left. And the following sequence showed her commuting to work by taking the bus, subway and then finally walking to her employer's place.

Only her work place was actually a house and her employer had a child of her own and this young mother was the nanny.

Oh the irony.

This story always gets to me. Perhaps I can resonate with it as I'm a mother now but back then? It's weird.

And the irony is that I'm also getting a helper whom's a mother of two herself and she will be helping me to look after my own kids.

On one hand I'm sure she will miss her own children terribly yet on the other I'm also hoping that she will look after my boys as she would as her own. Because we're both working mothers and we know how it feels to be away working and missing our kids.

Only this time she is the one far away from them. What a double edged sword.

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