Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wife Solo

For most parts of the time, I solo parent my 2 boys. The husband had to travel quite a bit this year and while most trips were for a week, there were some that lasted almost a month. 

And those were some lonely days and nights.

I'm thankful that while we have a suitable arrangement for the boys to be at my mum's place to be looked after when the husband travels, it is not an ideal arrangement for us. For one, the boys will be apart from us and two, I'll be honest to say that sometimes I don't even go over to my mum's place for the night as I have to do the laundry and housekeeping at our own place. 

Oh and as I was saying, solo parenting.

It's really tough especially when the boys keep asking for their father though. It's even tougher when they are crying and asking for their father at the same time. Manipulation these boys.

On the flip side, I feel like a single mother. Not that I am, just that it really does makes me feel like one. 

I do however, enjoy my time with them very much though! They're more than I could ever ask for, especially that little guy right in front. Yes, that guy with that pout.

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Susan said...

You must have your challenging days. Hang in there.