Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Incidental House pet, or not


It turns out we have 2 house lizards living happily in the corner of our living room. How do I even know there's 2?

Because lizard 1 is the fatter and bigger sized one and lizard 2 is the slimmer and smaller sized one. Talk about double team eh?

And! They certainly make their presence felt whenever they make those lizard sounds and scrambling for cover when we open the door whenever we get home.

So much so that I've told my boys that they're our pets for now.

And my smarty ass pants 4 year old actually quipped this when we got home one night and found lizard 1 scrambling for cover, "Mama, your pet says welcome home!"

Thanks kid, just thanks. If you boys clean up after your meals and not leave crumbs for them to feast on, then perhaps they will just leave us alone?!?!

And who knows I could probably missed them. Or not.

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