Monday, June 15, 2015


So. The worst case scenario happened yesterday.

Jeb locked himself in the room after I took his lollipop away. I have warned and repeat myself to them many, MANY times that they are not allowed to locked the door at all whether in play or whatever because it is a rented house and I HAVE NO KEYS FOR IT.

Turns out, three year olds have the memory of a goldfish. Or they're really just pushing their limits.

I was in my bathroom when I heard the door closed and the unmistakable sound of the door locking. So I came out and immediately bang on the door yelling at Jeb to OPEN THE DOOR!

At first, he was really quiet though, probably thinking his Mama was crazy. I kept banging on the door and demanding him to open it (on hindsight, it seems like we're preparing for his teenage years, gulps!) and when he tried to and realising that he can't, he started crying. For the next hour.

Okay at this point, I have to say that I was really pissed off with him and that he deserves to be locked in. I really couldn't care less that he's only three years old and there is a danger of him falling from the windows (which are securely tied with cable ties). Because all I could think of was that HE DESERVES IT. And this episode in itself would serve as a punishment to him.

Anyway, we managed to get a locksmith, after the husband tried to break the lock by drilling and You-tubing the hows to, we got him out and then.... we punished him promptly.


No reassuring hugs or kisses? Nope.

We had to inculcate to him that him being defiant on purpose has its consequences and that IT IS NOT OKAY to lock yourself in the room, AT ALL.

He was caned, made to face the wall and had to stand in front of us to apologize and went to bed without his milk.

PS: In the midst of all the hulabaloo, Benjamin asked if Jeb was gonna be locked up inside forever and me being very tired just told him that he's not helping much and he just gave a chirpy Ok! and skipped away.

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