Tuesday, June 30, 2015


With a chatty older brother, Jeb has been picking up words and speaking at a really fast pace now. He can string a proper sentence now with more than 3 words like, "I am not doing anything now", "You went to work Mama?" and stuff like, "Then the dinosaur came and eat the bear, then, then the bear no more", "The lion roar and then the bird die die". This boy has a very morbid imagination.

Whenever I look at Benjamin, my heart would always be filled with such thankfulness and gratefulness and I always think that maybe I really did something good in my previous life to deserve such a wonderful boy. And watching him grow from a tiny baby to this giant 5 year old now, I would always asked him in amazement, "Are you sure you're Benjamin?" and most times he would just nod his head.

So one day, as I was watching him do his stuff I asked him again.

Me: Are you sure you're really Benjamin?
B: Are you sure you're really Mama?

Woah, didn't see that coming kid. Good comeback!

You betcha Mama!

I can talk so much now! Bye!

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