Thursday, October 30, 2008

being 2

today, my little flower studio turns 2. it has not been an easy ride but to come this far, i'm really amazed.

amazed at the people who entrusted their biggest day to me, amazed at the people who knows us, amazed that people actually buys my stuff and just amazed that the number of opportunities that comes my way.

and sometimes, when it seems so bleak and weary, a light will shine my way and reminds me to not give up! it tells me to appreciate what i do, it humbles me to see that the way to the top is not to fight and strive. but rather, to be humble and to have a teachable spirit.

i thank God that i have this amazing work that allows me to be free, to be me and to be creative.

i can't quite say the number of times that God has seen me through those awful last minute preparations, messed up flower orders and the occasional weird enquiries.

(and i'm one of them too, lol)

and as we turn 2 years old, i know that He has planned something for my flower studio. it may not be what i think its good for me, but as long as He is in charge, it will be perfect.

somewhere down the road in the future, i hope i'll remember this day, when i penned down these thoughts and once again, know that He is good and faithful to His word.

happy birthday, rosebayflowers!


Sharin said...


Cheerios to your hard work~

lovely said...

thank you! (^_^)