Monday, June 8, 2009

its so brief

3 weeks since we're back from the honeymoon but no posts, no pictures ha.. was reminded of it during dinner by ym... thank you babe for reading my blog.. hope it has been entertaining for you!

we had a super lovely time in london, where everyday was filled with many walks and sights to see and of course the endless shopping and binging trips. one thing i can safely say is, plays are not my cup of tea. we went to 3 plays and all 3 plays, i simply fell asleep. not sure if its the warm air, the tiredness after all the ahopping or the accent that i can't catch. or maybe its just all the factors, ha.

well even if its a honeymoon, we still had quarrels. one quarrel even lead me to almost being lost! he was being angry with me for something and i was irritated by him being angry at me, so he was walking very fast and i trailed behind him. and so i thought wouldn't it really freaked him out if i really got lost?! haha...

so what happens was we entered this theatre and i followd him up. but the usher said it was'nt time for us to enter, so when i saw him walking down the stairs, i purposely walked real slow and make him lose sight of me. then i waited by the entrance, hidden by all the big ang mohs. i do not have my phone with me and so he was'nt able to reach me. i thought that was quite fun.. but come to think of it, it is really fun, ha!

anyways, he managed to find me and to end the story, we went for the play where i promptly fell asleep and him enjoying the show.

now.. i am going to sleep. more exciting things to share real soon!

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