Tuesday, June 16, 2009


the guys came over for some drinks appreciation night. it was funny, loud, sponteneous but most of all heartwarming as they've known each other close to 10 years. they've watched each other grown up through the school days, to getting jobs and also to settling down with their own respective life partners.
i guess guys bond over soccer and drinks and in between, macdonalds's home delivery too, ha. its always a joy to hang out with them. never a dull moment, especially when mrs tan wants to start playing games!
and on monday, mrs koh came to keep me company. we spent the whole day just watching tv and talking. we also watched the movie, secret which i've always enjoyed and she being the second last person to watched it! (think the last person to watch is your husband!) ha.
it just nice having friends around. friends who are willing to go through life's journey with you. friends whom you can have fun and also tell it to your face you sucked sometimes. friends who picked you up, friends who reached the destination with you, friends that become your life partner, friends who say never to give up, friends who show you what love is and friends who are friends with you, just because you are you.
to friends, cheers!

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