Monday, June 22, 2009

mee sua and pork with seaweed soup

sometimes the thought of food will get the cravings going. yesterday during church service, an image of wanton noodles pop into my mind! ooh piping hot noodles drenched with gravy and light chewy pieces of char siew and fresh wanton keep popping into my mind. i could really taste them in my mouth!

so after service, when the great where-to eat question came up, i suggested wanton mee, ha! but the husband was'nt so enthusiatic about it. he wanted to eat western fare like steaks and pasta and i'm guessing this baby of ours is really a pure chinese at heart, cause all i ever want to eat these days are chinese food and soup.

so after much discussions, we went to this super delicious family run chinese eatery where they served the most delicious mee sua, yum yums! and they have this salty pork seaweed soup thats like the ultimate pregnant soup man, ha!

we went with shijie, keon and faith (she's pregnant too) so anytime we really want to satisfy our craving, we're each other's pregnant partners in persauasion for the others to eat what we like to eat!

hmm but now i'm off to eat macdonalds! unhealthy i know, but i'm tasting the tar tar sauce in my mouth! hahahahahahaha...

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