Thursday, June 11, 2009

of murphy's and cards

i think it is a case of murphy's law. while i've been happily telling people that i have no morning sickness whatsoever, grouchy old murphy is subtly trying to barge in.

its not the merlion kind of puke, more like these weird sensation in the throat that you're not sure if its coming or not. and the worse thing is to be stuck halfway inside! yucks!

and the husband thinks i'm playing my pregnant cards very well. because everyone has been giving me alot of attention. and maybe subconciously i'm playing along with everyone else too, ha! or he's just jealous.

well, if he sees me waking up early in the morning, he will tell me to go rest somemore, or if i just give a tiny sigh, he will tell me to go lie down!

and currently the house is in quite a mess, as i'm not allowed to do any housework. no laundry, no mopping, no sweeping, no rearranging of furniture, no nothing. just lots of rest and sleep. i feel like i'm the baby right now.

hmm, i wonder if i do play my cards right, if the husband will get me a new present? ha!

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