Wednesday, June 10, 2009

first peek at 3.6mm

thats the baby. at 5 weeks old 3.6mm. though technically the black dot is the yolk sac and the tiny weeny white dot is baby (i can't really see it too).

i still can't believe that i'm really pregnant. anyways when we went to the gynae yesterday and also to let her know my current condition, the moment she said scan, both of us were super excited! we get to see baby! but then when she said she have to do an inside scan, i did a double take. i was like, huh? inside scan? can't you do a belly scan first?

so she was ok, though i doubt you can see anything through it as its still very early preganancy. but she tried and ya, can't see anything.

so when she prepared to do the inside scan, she keep telling me to relax, not to be so tense. i felt like taking the scanner and hit her on the head man! why not i do an inside scan on you and tell you to relax?! you're a freaking stranger and i have to show you my thing and its so uncomfortable!

as she slob on a glob of ky and insert the scanner in, my heart literally stopped as i see my uterus for the first time, ha! at first i could'nt see anything and i was very worried there's no baby. but, but when the moment of truth arrived, and i saw baby for the first time, i think i almost cried. almost.

firstly, baby is inside uterus and correct position as gynae says, and secondly that feeling when you know there's a life inside you is simply indescribeable. then she went on to comment how my uterus is in the wrong direction and i got confused. i asked her what that means, and she said its just in the opposite direction but its ok. thanks alot for the affirmation gynae!

she asked john if he wanted to see and suddenly i felt shy about exposing myself to him, ha! anyways he was looking intently on the screen and when gynae say she can see baby puslating and asked if we can see it, i said no and john gave an excited yes, yes i can see! if i was'nt lying down exposed, it might have been funny given the situation.

anyways, all is well and i've been given 2 weeks mc to stay home to rest. and she gave me a hormone jab which i have to take 4 times during these 2 weeks. and a bunch of hormone pills and folic acid to support the preganancy as she says.

but God says none shall suffer miscarriage and none feeble among you. i'm a fruitful vine! my children are like olive plants! so i'm not worried about it at all because God does not give half blessings. and God does not take blessings away from you. and before i take my pills, i'll take the holy communion first to proclaim my blessings and protection over baby. children are indeed a blessing from Him.

baby is already more than a conqueror!


Sharin said...

Oh man! Congratulations, Qiuxian is becoming a mummy soon~

lovely said...

thank you for your well wishes!! :) so exciting!!