Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey I'm only human!

Just some quirky bits about me to kick start the weekend.

:: I like to stand in the shower pulling out all my stray hairs (from my head) with my fingers before I start showering proper.
:: I must placed the labels of any products I'm using faced out. This is so I can look at them and go, 'ooooh, so organized!'
:: I must placed all products in ascending order. Tallest one at the back, you shortie, in front. This is also so I can look at them and go, 'oooh, so systematic!'
:: I must hang my towels in a neat and straight line. No haphazard hanging for me please. I get pissed off with the husband when he does that.
:: I squeezed my toothpaste from the bottom up.
:: I scrubbed my toilet floors with a toothbrush. Yes, every tile has to be scrubbed that way. Don't judge.
:: I must open the windows immediately after the air-con is switched off. This is so I won't get suffocated. Again, don't judge.
:: I like to peel the price tags off my stuff. Just because it looks ugly and they block my point of asthetic view.
:: No matter how short the distance might be, I always put my farecard back into my bag after I've board and tapped the card. I like to be in control.
:: I like odd numbers. If I had 2 chicken wings already, I must have the 3rd one. There's no such thing as having too many chicken wings
:: This is a job that no one appreciates, but I like to refill the ice-tray. Because I like it to be filled.
:: I enjoy making my bed, neat. My husband just makes it messy.
:: I arranged my clothes firstly by style, followed by design, followed by colours.
:: The same goes for my underwear.

Heeheehee... blowing kisses your way!

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