Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Everyday I stand in front of my wardrobe contemplating this elusive question. Whilst staring at the pile of clothes in front of me and sifting through the racks, trying on and putting back the clothes, the answers always seems to elude me.

Sigh. The dilemma of being an woman. Especially now that I'm back to work, it seems that my already minute wardrobe has shrunk even further. Erm anyway its not that I need to dress corporately or fancy to work, actually most of the staff dress quite casually. It's just that I would like to have more choices, hee.

But how do I dress? I'm a practical girl. I prefer comfort over vanity, functional over extravagance, affordability over designer prices and I dress to my own liking rather than the latest trends.

I like layers, I like loud colours, I like floral, I like prints, I like graphics,I like polka dots, I like stripes, I like knitwear, cardigans, long dresses, long skirts, jeans, sneakers, short skirts. Sometimes I'm dress like a prim and proper lady, sometimes I'm dressed like a tomboy, sometimes I'm dressed like a nun, at times my husband says I'm dressed like a clown, but most times I'm dressed simply, ha!

Here are some of the outfits that speaks of me.

I can wear this everyday

when I feel flirty

white jeans or any jeans is always a classic

cardigans are my weakness

to the beach! love this the most!
*All images from H&M website

Oh and I'm open to donations and hand-me-downs! Hahaa!! Serious!

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