Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You! You grow too fast

My baby boy has learnt how to talk. Well, he still babbles alot but here and there you can hear some recognizable words. Like dot (dog), teers! (cheers!), mummum (can means food or milk), tar (stars) and mama.

Other times he babbles a whole lot of babyish stuff only he can understand. And for now every animal he sees is dot! which he points to with great excitment. And of course which kid would grow up without some self assertion right? For now everytime he pulls my hands to lead me to the fridge, he would expect me or any other person to open it for him. For me, I would'nt care less about opening it. And when no one opens it for him, he would sit on the floor and bang his head. Nope, no one taught him how to do that.

Or there was this one time, he did'nt want to leave the play area of a food court and he just lay on the floor crying. We just walked on and my sister had to carry him off, hee.

He is growing up so fast! One minute he's just starting to learn how to walk, and now he's starting to run!

Oh! And finally we cut his hair. Actually my mum cut it and it was erm, not appropriate for a boy. She gave him a bowl cut which made him look even more like a girl. So we went to a proper barber to trim it and gave him a more boyish style, the slope.

Here is him doing his latest move, head leaning to the side. And nope, we did'nt teach him that either.

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