Monday, May 9, 2011

Party people in the house tonight

This past weekend has been an exhausting one! We attended a barbeque on Saturday night and celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday at a karaoke joint! Yes!! A karaoke joint!

Actually, it was my mother-in-law who invited us to join her in-law's side for the celebrations. They're a big family where the cousins meet up every weekend at their grandma's house for dinner and mahjong. And it happens that as it was also Mother's Day, they decided to join their love for Mothers and singing together, hence they held it at a karaoke joint. Freaking happening family!

And they even went the extra mile by having games! So they got all the mothers to stand in a line and our respective partners were given 20 mins to 'dress' us up using materials like balloons, newspapers and ribbons. The most creative one will win a prize! It's so cool and heartwarming to see the effort they put in to make everyone have a good time. Anyway the objective was'nt to win, but just to have a good laugh and good fun.

And little Benjamin? He was the highlight of the day! He thoroughly enjoyed himself by dancing and screaming in excitement. It was so cute seeing him dance and in this case, his dancing generally involves him turning round and round in circles. Too cute!

And at the end of each day, he was completely knacked out. So was I, hee. But it warms me to enjoyed ourselves with family. Because no matter what each of us might be going through at the moment, your family will still be standing by you through the darkest of days. Or rather, held in place with ribbons and ballons >_<

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