Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Musical Wednesdays

So lately, I've been listening to country music. All thanks to this band called Lady Antebellum's song, Just a kiss. You can listen to it here. Its about testing out a new relationship, yearning to be in a deeper level, yet not wanting to scare each other off by being too needy. Its a great song to listen to, often gives me the sweet melancholic feel.

And country music is all about life. The meaning of life, how you live your life, stories of your lives, your mama's life, suicide, how you met your wife, husband, chickens and whats nots. I loved it! Their lyrics are often meaningful, poignant and full of emotions. Not like the lyrics to a pop song I heard not long ago on radio on probing you and disrobing you, its so sexual, its just so wrong.

But my musical tastes are quite varied. I like to listen to rap, folk, classical, rock songs. What about oldies? Erm not really my cup of tea though my husband loves it. He even knows the lyrics to most of them. Gosh, he's such an old soul. Pah to lounge, trance music too. Its like listening to WTF? Ha.

Okay, and leaving you with a picture that has no musical innotations.

all he needs is a cocktail in his hands

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