Friday, February 1, 2013

I can go school!

Entering into a new phase of his life

Today is a big day for the son.

It's weird I know to start your first day of school at the end of the week, but trust me when I say that the waiting lists for classes for pre-school children are longer than the Great Wall of China.

Exaggeration? Fact.

I've went around enquiring a few childcare centres and playgroups for vacancies since a year ago and always the answer is that I'll be put on a waiting lists. And the waiting lists would already have 50 over parents' names whom are also, I believe, putting their names on others' waiting list.

So when this playgroup has an available spot, my mum who is now his caregiver, immediately rang me up to say she wants to register him on the spot. Which she did yesterday, thus he's starting today. This woman sure works fast!

Keeping my fingers cross he will enjoy himself while learning!


Anonymous said...

Yes, great wall length waitlists are definitely fact.

life-muse said...

Yes, and after nursery, we have kindergartens, primary schools etc.. it never ends...