Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Off with his hair

How was your weekend? Mine was good. We spent it just enjoying with the kids, having breakfast, watching new cartoons, messing up the house, taking afternoon naps with each kid waking up simultaneously, having dinner on a rainy night and going off to sleep with the windows wide open.

Oh and we shaved the kid's hair. Now he look absolutely like a little monk.

where is my hair?

his favourite activity is laughing at his own reflection in the mirror

Today he turns six months old. SIX months old! How did he grew so fast?!

I know I've been exasperated by his feeding habits and his light-as-a-feather sleep, but right now, I just want to remind myself how wonderful he has been too.

How I love to hear his morning coos and chuckles, how he laughs when we make funny faces at him, his soulful gaze when I look deep in his eyes, his earnest little hands grabbing my face when I bring him near me, his wobbly little legs trying their hardest to crawl and his cute little pouty mouth before he starts crying. Oh and how can I forget his wonderful sweet baby smell.

my bald baby

To infinity and beyond. Or maybe just till you turn 18.

Happy six months darling.


Ruth said...

Oh! I thought it's been longer! He's so cute without his hair! Does big brother love him too? Any sibling rivalry?

life-muse said...

Hi Ruth! The big brother loves him, sporadically though hahaha... No sibling rivalry at the moment but I'm already teaching him to share his toys with the younger one, to fully prepare him for the future snatching and hey-his-toys-is-more-fun-than-mine moments lol.