Monday, February 25, 2013

I only remembered I had that drink

I found this empty draft in my folder and kept trying to remember what it was that I wanted to write about but somehow didn't managed to.

And I can't remember.

These few days, I often had short lapse of memory black outs and while I am attributing it to the post pregnancy hormones, I am however, making a mental note on trying to improve on it though (seriously no pun intended). The lapses can be anything from telling myself to take something from the kitchen, and then promptly forgetting about it, to trying to remember what I am trying to say, like for this instance. You have no idea how many times I've hit the backspace button just trying to type this sentence out.

Is this a cause for concern?

And the worst-case-scenario freak in me is telling me what worst-case-scenario is going to happen to me. Onslaught of dementia and early signs of senility and many other medical terms that I do not know of has suddenly made me an expert. Are they part of your genetics or is it hereditary? My maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother has it, will I be next?

Heck, it could also be due to the fact I am a sleep deprived mother of two, answering the 10,000 questions my toddler throws at me, entertaining a growing infant whose idea of fun is carrying him while he tries to 'walk' around the whole house and cries angrily when he is being made to lie down, working full time AND obliging wifely duties to the husband.

I am not complaining.

Just the other night, I had my first gin and tonic drink ever and realised what I have been missing out when all I ever ordered was cranberry juice.

That stuff was real good and it promptly put me to sleep. Exactly what I need.

This has no relevant link at all except that I had an awesome drink that puts me to sleep. Okay bye.

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