Friday, February 22, 2013

Life lessons from out of nowhere

take that you!

I really admired mums who can cook, bake, sew, knit, juggle, clean and managed the household while looking after their children. When I read mommy's blogs on how they keep their children entertained while making sure they threw in some learning opportunities, my idea of teaching the son is him watching the tv and I pointing out random facts like, "Look! That monkey is so cute!" or, "That girl is so pretty!". And because of these lessons, the son sure knows how to differentiate cute and pretty.

There was this one time my sister remarked on how the kid (my younger son) looked like a baby monkey in a photo we took and the son butt in and said, "Didi is so cute!".

But he redeemed himself later on when he told me I looked pretty in a swirly skirt that I was wearing. See, important life lessons learnt; always redeemed yourself by complimenting people after you've said something offensive.

THEN, there was this time when I was scolding him for being naughty when he looked at me and said," Sshh Mama. Cannot be angry, the baby upstairs is sleeping!" For the record, the upstairs neighbour did have a baby but we hardly see or hear them anyway.

This my friend is the ultimate lesson: diffusing the tension with something funny. And I do not know where he learnt this from.


Sharon said...

So funny! Great lesson. What did you do? Did you laugh?

My son does the same. I find it very difficult not to laugh. As a result we have better conversations, and he is getting pretty good at expressing his feelings... Not bad for an 8 yr old. I have learned so much from him.

Thx for sharing! :)

life-muse said...

I burst out laughing! And gave him a big hug too LOL! He gave me a puzzled look though. Sometimes I really have to hand it to him for thinking of such stuff and at the same time amazed by his little mind! And he's only 3! :)