Monday, December 1, 2008

jin boliao

greetings earthlings! \!/
we descended upon this dwelling where we come across some funny humans.
but let me introduce you my fellow spacelings first.
this is, toppers. as you can see, she only has a head, no body.
alas, hers was a long story, for another time eh.
and this is blurry, head with part body.
she has an alter ego...

silly face!

put them together, you'll have blurry silly face!
we had some funny human food called pizza. its flat, round and tastes cheesy. much like rubbish from we came from.

the flat, round thing that resembles our flying craft.
we stayed for quite a while as the humans entertained us with moving pictures which they project onto a big screen.
where we come from, the moving pictures can actually talk to you and smell your armpits.
though the latter is not encouraged by our president, which coincidentally is also the president for DASYAP.
(Do Always Smell Your Armpit)
oxymoron, i say.
we had a good time i must admit, as the humans were found to be highly intelligent and well responsive to our commands.
and thus we can submit our report to our hq to ensure them that our findings conclude that humans are indeed easily trained and well- domesticated.
until the next report, this is jin boliao signing out.

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