Tuesday, December 30, 2008

looking forward

after a long, long laze in bed, i'm still feeling restless.. it seems my adrenaline is rushing for something. wanna head to JP in the afternoon to look for a pair of black pants, but am too afraid of buying other stuff, ha!

am enjoying this last stretch of 2008, the feeling of doing nothing-ness. erm thats still housework to be done, but argh! seems all my limbs are just not co-operative. i wanna laze somemore!!

my days of working from home are over, heh. so before i start my new work, qx will try to:
- clear out her old working stuff
- clear out the storeroom
- clean the whole house throughly
- wash the bedsheets
- and erm try to get the above done, hehe

*my mum just called me to say she'll be heading to JP to take a look see! so now, i got a date with my mum, ha!

looking forward to the genting trip.
looking forward to my parent's salvation.
looking forward to the many weddings next year.
looking forward to serving in ministry.
looking forward to Godly friendships.
looking forward to travelling with my husband.
looking forward to getting rich.
looking forward to having loads of money.
looking forward to using that loads of money to bless others.
looking forward to the acceptable year of the Lord!!

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